Wbeeza ‘Can of Worms EP’ – Third Ear

” Hands up. Party time.”

Peckham’s pride Wbeeza is one of those underground artists that every other underground artist admires. Probably his most famous record to date, ‘Peckham Fly’ is an homage to his roots. The relentless club destroyer was out more than two years ago on London-based Third Ear Recordings who have been putting out Wbeeza’s records since then. He has now started his own imprint, pFly Music, but the DJ and producer is back for Third Ear with another impressive four tracker.

‘Can Of Worms EP’ once again showcases the undisguisable talent of Warren Brown for dirty House beats and head pleasing bangers that go down well like a cold beer on a hot summer day. The title track is a short deep miscellany of raw percussion patterns and analogue wobbly synths. While ‘Circles’ is an uplifting House cut, driven by in your face open hats and sampled vocals; a dirty middle-set tune. Following is the Disco / Funk inspired ‘If I ever’ a well-crafted, sampled journey which definitely will get any MPC’s owners attention. Finally my choice of the four tracks, ‘Upside Down’, a melancholic track in which deep & warm bassline are merged with a non-stop 808 groove and whispering voices, while a dreamy synth line drives the listener into a loved up atmosphere. Sweaty basements goers will dig this one. Hands up. Party time.


Out on vinyl – 27th February 2015

BYFilippo Rocco



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