Various Artists ‘Textures 3PM’ – Concrete Music

“future thinking dirty Garage”

It is quite easy to find labels being born in the wake of a successful series of events. The quality of music released by these imprints does not always manage to step out of the shadow of the impressive lineups some events can offer. Concrete Music could be one of the rare cases where the label and events both offer up same outstanding quality.

Concrete is without a doubt one of Paris’ best club nights – showcasing the hottest talents around. The label, an outcome of their successful events, follow the same guidelines and brings together some truly great producers in different VA EPs. ‘Texture 3PM’ – out this month – includes Trus’Me alongside Curses, San Proper, Hold Youth and B2 S3A for a four tracker packed with dancefloor killers. Side A1 is ‘Eye On The Prize’ by Prime Numbers’ head Trus’me and NYC’s Curses, delivering a future thinking, dirty Garage cut with a strong old school flavour. Dutchman San Proper mashes up in his ‘Sweet Swing 3rd Thing’ sampled Disco strings with rough drum machine grooves for a unique uplifting track. B1 is Hold Youth aka the label / duo act formed by Seuil and Le Loup, they offer up the techy ‘What The Hell Is That’, the weakest of the 4 in my opinion, followed by the closing cut ‘Orme Track’ by Parisian’ S34 – Samplings As An Art – perfectly showcasing his soulful, groove driven style.


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