Various Artists – BPLS001 – Banoffee Pies Records

"funky, cosmic feel"

After having the Banoffee boys down for our last party it seems only right to give a shout out to their latest release, the first in a series of hand stamped white labels with a limited press of 200 copies. Continuing their trend of bringing together various artists on one release this five tracker is jammed full of music drawing on many styles and influences.

Christian Jay is first up with ‘Palm Grease’, a tight minimalistic groove with an edge of garage to it. Subtle slides, light staccato stabs, and a background smattering of conversation create a dreamy haze. A proper deep late night groover. Ny*Ak leads in his offering ‘Shepp’ with some spoken word and the trippy sound of someone humming before sustained mellow chords join, the groove contrasts this perfectly with distorted hats. It all comes together with some distant sax work, creating this funky almost acid-jazz like feel. Contact Ronnie steps up with ‘Place & Time’ with a dirtily simplistic bass hook and strange spacey synth chords. Acres of funk and light elements and changes keep it strutting along; hugely addictive as tracks go. Embezzlement Society have a funky soulful sound in ‘Say Yes’ with suggestive vocals teasing the edge of your consciousness. It becomes this irresistibly deep shuffling groove, the kind you can lose yourself in for a whole night. Admin on ‘Sancho Panza’ draws out the bass heavy, warped vocals over a percussion led groove before feeding the top line in gradually. A cosmic aura surrounds the whole track as elements weave themselves into the warp and weft of the groove. Dreamy stuff.

Once again Banoffee Pies have yet again shown themselves to be excellent selectors and curators, having five tracks from five artists has worked amazingly well. The whole release follows a funky, cosmic feel with each artist having brought their own unique sound to it. Together they paint a better and totally different picture than I think they could individually.

BY Pete Edmonston
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