Truncate ‘Remixed Part 2′ – Truncate

“aggressively splashy cymbals are the sort you could lose yourself in for hours”

Following on from last year’s remix EP featuring Ben Sims and Mark Broom, Truncate’s eponymous label brings us round two with Dustin Zahn and Pär Grindvik providing fresh takes on both ‘Modify’ and ‘Mira Mar’.

Pär Grindvik is first up with ‘Mira Mar’, replacing the straight-edged 4/4 of Truncate’s original with shuffling hats and a gently swaying, spaced out groove. The whole aura of the piece is true to its roots, keeping the raw and sparse elements and maintaining gradual minimal changes throughout. Grindvik has done wonders here and created a really interesting take on a great original.

Next both Grindvik and Zahn team up for a joint remix of ‘Mira Mar’, this version has even more groove to it. The intro alludes to Grindvik’s version before sharper, cutting hats and echoing claps take you down an entirely different route. The hypnotic top-line and aggressively splashy cymbals are the sort you could lose yourself in for hours as they modulate between sections effortlessly.

Finally, Dustin Zahn provides his individual take on ‘Modify’, cutting back on the opening groove slightly has allowed him to make more impact with the muted vibraphone like sounds when they kick. The whole thing has a much heavier, industrial feel to it compared to the clean minimal sound of the original. Heavy reverb and light distortion adds to this.

Truncate has nailed it by bringing these two back together and they have more than provided by putting their own spin on what were two great tracks to start with…


OUT soon..

BYPete Edmonston