Tessela – POLY002: Luv Mix / Tenner Eclipse – Poly Kicks

"Four notes; four epic notes"

R&S’ regular contributor Tessela comes back after almost two years on his own Poly Kicks label. He has had people screaming “BASSSSS” and “Wob Wob” since POLY001 and “Hackney Parrot” which you will definitely recognize. His releases on the label with the horse in the logo are also killer broken beats jams, with some truly intricate rhythmical patterns but still with a club-focused soul.

POLY002 is like looking at Greek Comedy and Tragedy masks. Two sides in which he once again showcases his incredible talent with drum machines. ‘Luv Mix’ is cheerful, uplifting and not as bassy as expected – I found it quite stale to be honest even though as a drummer I fairly enjoyed the construction of the groove. But as an electronic head it is ‘Tenner Eclipse’ that caught my attention. The truly relentless main drum loop at first worried me thinking it was never going to change. But the British producer mixes it with some more drum machine hats that gives it an airy and spacey atmosphere. The monstrous bassline underneath it is pure genius. Four notes; four epic notes. I bet he went “fuck that’s good’ when he came up with it.

BY Pete Edmonston