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Sprung Records of the week – 012

Packed to the rafters…

The guys over at Sprung Records have put together another meaty chart for us this week, kicking things off with their latest release from Akinse and featuring Glenn Astro, Max Graef and Marco Bailey there is a plethora of naughtiness for all of you… Enjoy…

Akinse – Secondary Fire (Sprung Records)

Once again we begin a chart with shameless self promotion, SPRUNG006. We went back to our compadre and all round top geezer Akinse for this one, and BOY has he upped the levels. Crunchy, distorted drums and acid techno galore. His production prowess increases by the day, we can’t wait to see what he’s got coming…

RELEASE DATE: 23.03.15

Gary Gritness – The Adventures of Gary Gritness Chapter 2 (Clone Crown Limited Series)

This newcomer is unfamiliar to most yet he has played an important part in the electronic scene for a number of years, as an arranger and composer (for names such as Dam-Funk and Orlando Voorn). However the Frenchman has clearly gone off on an experimental tangent here, a tangent which even the legend Mad Mike Banks swiftly picked up on. His take on electro funk is raw and intense, the revered sounds of Detroit are transparent but Becharand infuses them with clear juke/ghetto-tech traits. Sounds like a virtual reality joyride through the stellar depths.

RELEASE DATE: 23.03.15

Glenn Astro and Max Graef – M$ 01 (Money $ex Records)

It’s common knowledge that anything these two touch is pure gold. Money Sex is their new label venture and 001 is naturally magical, they are undoubtedly at the forefront of a new generation of beatmakers. Both are on an inordinately similar wavelength, drawing influence from hip hop, jazz, techno, soul etc. Their idiosyncratic styles have combined in M$ 01 to create an EP that we honestly think nobody should dislike…oh and their quirky approach even permeates into the brilliant track names. Don’t sleep on this label.

RELEASE DATE: 24.03.15

Lake Haze x IVVVO – #1 (Creme Organization)

DJ TLR turns to Lake Haze (previously released on UTTU) and the mysterious IVVVO for this collab release. #1 is heavy hitting but also spacey and abyssal. Overly distorted drums and spooky synths combine to creathe an raw gem. The only man for the remix task had to be Legowelt, one of our personal favourite artists. Wolfers expels some of the distortion and white noise, whilst coaxing the original into a wholly different entity as a retro, arpeggiated techno cut.

RELEASE DATE: 25.03.15

Marco Bailey – Nyctophilia (MBR Limited)

Nyctophilia – the love of darkness. Most people (including myself) find themselves at the peak of relaxation in the dark. It acts as a cloak of freedom, and without darkness how can we see the light? The DJs DJ Bailey has combined this freedom with his trademark techno style. Incessant basslines and oscillating waveforms progress with extreme precision to create two tracks which fit the EP title neatly. Bailey calls on rising star Emmanuel for the remix, and he delivers a creepy interpretation that sent chills down our spines. The strange, clicky and erratic percussion definitely allude to his desire to push boundaries.

RELEASE DATE: 25.03.15

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