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Sprung Records of the week – 011

God believes in Techno Music

Here are some more delightful techno treats from the guys over at Sprung Records, as usual they have packed it full of delicious naughtiness that is sure to brighten up your day. With tracks from the likes of Xosar, DJ Qu and a meaty various artists compilation from DVS1’s Mistress Recordings there is plenty to keep you busy…

Xosar – Let Go (Opal Tapes)

Dusty, demonic goodness on one of our favourite labels. Xosar brings plenty of variation yet she manages to retain her unique sound throughout; these tracks were made to be played in a dark and smoky basement club, far away from all other life forms.

RELEASE DATE: 13/03/2015

Various Artists – Lifesaver Compilation 2: Live At Robert Johnson (Live At Robert Johnson)

We were pleased to see the Frankfurt based label bring out this new compilation this week, filled with effortlessly stylish, retro sounding house. Our highlights were Chinaski’s emotive “Futuresex” and the squelchy “Tender Hooligan” by none other than cool-glasses-wearer Roman Flugel.

RELEASE DATE: 16/03/15

Fabrizio Lapiana – Isabel (Attic Music Italy)

The promise of a Reeko remix on this EP was enough to make us excited, and unsurprisingly we were not disappointed. Every track here is dark and moody, and they all manage to strike a balance between atmosphere and dancefloor usability, something which is always difficult to achieve.

RELEASE DATE: 18/03/2015

DJ QU – Redtones EP (Strength)

More dusty house-cum-techno, this time from DJ QU. There’s no two ways about it; this is spectacular. Every second is perfectly sculpted and the atmospheres are as intense and stirring as it gets (check out track 3 – “Sweaty On” – for a demonstration).

RELEASE DATE: 18/03/15

Various Artists – Mistress 5 Trilogy (The Blonde, The Brunette, The Redhead) (Mistress)

DVS1’s ever strong Mistress imprint gives us 12 new tracks split across 3 inventively named EPs, and we love each one of them. Each track retains the subtlety and musicality that we love about DVS1/Mistress however there’s no doubt that these would also pound on a dancefloor – techno you can play to your mum as well as a nightclub crowd.

RELEASE DATE: 15/03/15

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