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Sprung Records of the week – 010

The T the E the C the H the N the oooo

Once again Sprung Records’ latest chart for us at Downstairs includes some of the best and most-recent releases from all around the globe. Techno in its purest form. This week they have chosen music from the likes of Jordan Louis, Cleric, The Persuader and more.

We couldn’t wait to read and listen to what they’ve selected for us this week, and also to buy each one of them. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!

Jordan Louis – The Show Trials EP (Sprung Records)

Unashamedly, we start this week’s chart with the fifth release on our very own label. 005 comes from the Belgian, Jordan Louis. With a string of impressive releases and a clear and sophisticated ear for sounds that also resonate with us, it quickly became obvious that Jordan could slot nicely into the Sprung aesthetic. The finished product blew us out of the water.

RELEASE DATE: 02.03.15

The Persuader – Skargard (Templar)

Jesper Dahlback finally makes a replete return to his long-dormant Persuader moniker. Hugely popular in the 90s partly due to multiple releases on the revered Svek, “The Persuader” disappeared into the woodwork after 1999. He then began touring and releasing extensively under his own name. 2013 saw his long-awaited return as ‘The Persuader, releasing a fantastic EP on Concrete music, and then another in 2014 on the great Par Grindvik’s Stockhold LTD imprint. Another track was released on a mini-compilation in early 2015 (this same track features under the name ‘Sjalvilan’ on the new LP), and so began ebullient talk of an incoming Persuader album. Needless to say it’s fantastic all the way through, he’s given his loyal fans exactly what they wanted and more. We particularly enjoy ‘Dymlingharan’ and Fjortonkasten’.

RELEASE DATE: 09.03.15

Endlec – The Abyss Gazes Also EP (Mord)

The latest Mord (one of our favourite labels) release comes from the relative newcomer Endlec. His releases date back less than 12 months yet he’s already released on ARTS and Panel Trax, both of which are undoubtedly flourishing and consistently showcasing an impressive amount of ¸ber-talented new blood. Now, the Greek turns to Mord with his best work yet. To gauge the sublime quality of this EP you simply have to look at the support it has already received: Ben Klock, Dave Clarke, Oscar Mulero, The Black Dog, Speedy J (to name a few heavyweights). The EP as a whole unconditionally nails the miscellany of dark and evil sounds that seem to be making the most headway in the contemporary techno cosmos. We also suggest you read Endlec’s Soundcloud bio, for a look into his ethos/vision. It’s brilliant.

RELEASE DATE: 04.03.15

Svarog – Substraction (New Rhythmic)

This one’s for fans of Cio D’Or, Luigi Tozzi and Dorian Grey (if you don’t know, you definitely should). Very little is known about the Ukrainian producer, this is only his second release under the name Svarog. However the two EPs are both of an incredibly high standard. This one is out on Joton’s cultivated New Rhythmic label, a label that has become known more recently for introducing fresh talent into the world. The roster of artists that have released on NR in the past (it was founded in 2001) pays homage to its success and popularity, but for various reasons it has morphed into more of an entrance point for competent talent- by no means a bad thing. This EP of energetic dub techno is exquisitely written, whilst listening all I could think of was how brilliant a Svarog live set would be. We can’t wait for more from this guy.

RELEASE DATE: 06.03.15

Cleric – Scattered Thoughts Part 2 (Figure)

Last in this week’s chart is part 2 of Cleric’s Scattered Thoughts release. The Mancunian has been making (tidal) waves over the last year; releasing on ARTS, EarToGround, his own label Clergy and most impressively multiple times on Figure. Cleric is only relatively young and becoming increasingly sought after, his apparent mastery of clarity and sounds that embrace the full sonic spectrum has been rife on dancefloors across Europe. Worryingly (not!) he can only get better. This EP is more diverse and less club oriented on the whole than some his previous output. ‘Shifted Reality’ and ‘Dissappointment’ are both electronically experimental in their own right, whilst ‘Plexus’ and ‘Seit 1990′ are stripped-back, well-balanced warehouse tools ready for the rave. Cleric has once again upped the levels.

RELEASE DATE: 09.03.15

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