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Sprung Records of the week – 008

Who just ordered more Techno?

Sprung Records just announced their fifth release, once again showcasing their undoubted taste in Techno (stream the release HERE). To top it off they delivered their 8th chart which includes CTRLS, Rebekah, Svreca and a tasty bonus release.

Enjoy the music that they are feeling this week.

Ctrls – Users (Token Records)

Label owner Kr!z must be incredibly pleased with Token’s continued dominance of the techno world. It is no surprise that for their 50th release, he has turned to the great Dane; Troels B-Knudsen. 6 releases on Token alone, his sound conforms neatly with the label’s more contemporary output (see the Aphelion compilation). The temptation to unload adjective after adjective in an attempt to describe the general vibe of the EP is overwhelming. However we will keep it short and sweet: sounds like a claustrophobic computer virus having a panic attack. NOT for the faint hearted.

RELEASE DATE: 11.02.15

Malin – Deorbital Descent (Will & Ink)

Will & Ink have only been around as a production duo/label for a year and a half. This Malin EP marks only the second release on their label that was created by an outside party. 2 high tempo, floor focussed cuts and one stripped back hypnotic roller. The Yaleesa Hall remix is the stand-out track; its cursory percussion is the key feature of this unrelenting stomper. Will & Ink are without doubt, worth keeping a close eye on.

RELEASE DATE: 18.02.15

Mattias Fridell – Whangam Over Human EP (Gynoid Audio)

We like Fridell because of his enigmatic approach to production. This peculiarly named EP contains 3 very different tracks that are all capable of being used in a set, whether it be in Berghain, Panorama Bar or even just an inconsequential after party. Ingenious production as per usual.

RELEASE DATE: 16.02.15

Rebekah – Transient Being (Sleaze Records)

The ex glamour-model Rebekah is next, with her first release on the prolific Sleaze imprint. She has been DJing since the late 90s and producing since the early 00s, but it is more recently that she has burst through into the foreground of UK-based techno. The Brummy has honed her skills acquired over the years, and this EP embodies a convergence of talent. 3 raw bombs and an eccentric Xhin remix of the title track. The kids wanted PROPER techno….and they got it.

RELEASE DATE: 16.02.15

Svreca – Narita (Semantica)

The Spaniard has finally returned to his own label with a new solo EP, inspired by and dedicated to Japan. This is techno that can get inside your body and mind, distracting you from reality. Few other producers can imitate Svreca’s abstract yet simplistic style. Conceptually transparent and structurally minimal, the lack of distraction that is clear in his approach to techno ensures utter submission to the soundtrack. The Narita EP certainly captivated us….simply outstanding.

RELEASE DATE: 12.02.15

BONUS: Linkwood – Expressions (Firecracker Recordings)

We simply couldn’t leave this out of our records of the week. Despite taking on somewhat of a mythical capacity, the reticent Linkwood is back with his 2nd LP. The album caresses all manner of musical emotion and draws influence from an array of genres; the overall quality is frankly astounding. Be sure to listen from start to finish with no interruptions, we have zero doubt that this soon will become a favourite of yours.

RELEASE DATE: 14.02.15

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