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Sprung Records of the week – 004

Spend another week with Techno

The guys at Sprung Records’ keep pulling rabbits out of their hats. In their fourth chart they have included Under Black Helmet, Basic House on Opal Tape, another juicy bonus release and, to top everything up, their latest release, coming from US producer Wilmot.

Enjoy the music that they are feeling this week.

Wilmot – Reigner EP (Sprung Records)

What better way to begin than with some (fairly) shameless self promotion…. and further proof (along with Robert Hood, DVS1, Tallmen 785 etc) that Americans can make Berlin style techno. After discovering the little known producer and receiving some stomping demos, we quickly realised how much we wanted to release his music. Proud to call the Reigner EP “SPRUNG004″.

RELEASE DATE: 12/01/15

Under Black Helmet – Mute (Code is Law)

Next is the latest release on M¯rbeck’s Code is Law imprint. A Berliner born and bred, he certainly knows techno talent when he hears it and 006 is no exception. Under Black helmet provide an intoxicating combination of euphoria and power. Ones to watch for 2015.


RPM 33 – Nighttime EP (Lateral Fragments)

The second release on Pjotr and Dubiosity’s fledgling label sees them join forces with the don Matthias Fridell, a stalwart of the maternal Gynoid Audio label. The result is an extremely functional and divergent 4 track EP, crunchy basement techno at its finest.


Basic House – Visa Prick (Opal Tapes)

Opal Tapes has been a favourite of ours for a while now, mostly due to it’s incredibly versatile nature. The note included with the release reads “A bunch of shitty dance tracks”. Appreciate the humour/sarcasm simply by listening to the standout track, “Cones”.

RELEASE DATE: 13/01/15

Yan Cook – Dead End EP (Planet Rhythm)

Planet Rhythm is over 20 years old (an OAP compared to some techno labels), therefore it would undoubtedly be fair to say that any potential releases receive extreme scrutiny in order to finalise whether they are worthy of such a prolific and successful label. Yan Cook has ascended into these echelons with his latest EP. Celestial and robotic techno – we suggest watching Pacific Rim with the volume muted and playing this instead.

RELEASE DATE: 12/01/15

BONUS: Vladislav Delay – Visa (Ripatti)

Sasu Ripatti has been releasing music under various Pseudonyms and as part of live experimental groups (such as the Moritz von Oswald trio) since as early as 1997. “Visa” was written in 2 weeks after an encounter with Homeland Security and it is his first beatless venture for over 10 years. Unlike a car which deteriorates quickly with age, Ripatti has if anything grown more masterful. This could possibly be his greatest VD album. Organic, ambient bliss.

RELEASE DATE: 10/11/14

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