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Sprung Records of the week – 014

Spring is here. Sprung is back

Sprung Records are back with their 14th chart for Downstairs. This week the knowledgable, kind souls have given you double the number of releases they usually would! Feast your ears on these techno delights, there are a couple of free downloads in there too! Tracks inside come from Mark Broom, Neil Landstrumm, Manse, Recondite, In Aeternam Vale and more. Enjoy the varied selection of quality tunes that they are feeling right now.

Confucio – Golden Rule (Tresor)

We apologise for the short break we took from our Sprung charts, both of us have been overly busy the last few weeks and simply couldn’t find the time to construct them. So this week we’ve chosen TEN releases for your enthusiastic ears. We begin with this controversial EP from the newcomer Italian ‘Confucio’. In the last 24 hours, the Tresor head honchos decided to recall all copies of the release, due to plagiaristic similarities in tracks 1 and 2. Make of it what you will (by reading:, but the EP is undoubtedly great and we can’t help but feel a little sorry for Confucio.

RELEASE DATE: 17.04.15

Emiliana Torrini – Dead Things (Grain remix – Mark Broom edit) (BeardMan)

Mark Broom is one of the most underrated and often (somehow) overlooked producers and DJs in the world, fact. He’s an edit and remix wizard, with the ability to churn out tracks like there’s no tomorrow. This brilliant re-hash of a classic FatCat release by the man Artwork is a killer DJ tool, available to everyone as a free download WAV via Broom’s label. Bearded men are always the kindest.

RELEASE DATE: 20.04.15

In Aeternam Vale/Ekoplekz – In The Dark Again 2 (In The Dark Again)

The second release from the minimal wave Berlin label ‘In The Dark again’ comes from the ever enigmatic and long lasting IAV. Once a nihilistic punk band originating in the 80s but now just a one man outfit headed by Laurent Prot, the 2 tracks are very dissimilar but both outstanding in their own right. Track 2 is an evasive venture from Ekoplekz, packed full of creative synth work. Powerful and propulsive.

RELEASE DATE: 16.04.15

Jeroen Search – Search Collection Volume. 1 (Basic Beat Holland)

20 energetic bleeping basement/dancefloor tracks from one of our favourite producers. Jeroen is certainly a DJs best friend, we are looking forward to playing these unrelenting tunes out over the coming weeks/months/years.

RELEASE DATE: 20.04.15

Manse – A Slap In The Face of Public Taste (Lobster Theremin)

The young UK producer has really pulled out all the stops with this one. Impressive variation throughout the 3 tracks, all linked through their underlying anger and intensity. He’s certainly made a mind-bending statement (once again), we’re certain track 1 and 2 will be heard tearing up sweaty dancefloors across Europe.

RELEASE DATE: 10.04.15

Neil Landstrumm – Bedrooms and Cities (Tresor)

The legendary Scotsman has been incredibly kind to us and decided to give away this brilliant LP, originally released in ’97 on Tresor, for free! It’s been one of my favourite techno LPs for a long time, it immediately cemented Landstrumm’s place as an old-school pioneer. Bass heavy and hugely innovative techno that still sounds as fresh as ever. Be sure to thank the gentleman if you ever meet him!

RELEASE DATE: 15.04.15

Recondite – Think Twice EP (Life and Death)

The German genius finally makes his debut on the ‘Life and Death’ imprint. Resident Advisor’s no.1 live act of 2014 continues his takeover of the moody techno scene, slaying dancefloors across the world whilst still maintaining a prolific record as a producer of consistently incredible tracks. Talk of new Recondite releases always has us trembling with excitement, the final products ALWAYS exceed expectations…somehow.

RELEASE DATE: 20.04.15

Robert Hood/Floorplan – Shaker / Ritual (EPM)

The M-Plant techno king is back with a double header showcasing his dancefloor personalities. The 2 track release perfectly encapsulates his ability to switch between very different styles with great ease. No need to go into detail regarding the content of the tracks, just put them on and turn it up. You’ll swiftly be under the maestro’s spell, just as he intends.

RELEASE DATE: 16.04.15

Tommy Four Seven/Kwartz/Killawatt/Isolated Lines – 47001 (47)

47 is Tommy’s new venture. A regular event and also a label, releasing and showcasing the best cuts made for the floor. 001 contains a wholly satisifying blend of old and new talent, we are naturally enthusiastic about the rest of the series.

RELEASE DATE: 20.04.15

Trickfinger – Trickfinger (Acid Test)

For those who havent’t heard about Trickfinger, you may find it hard to believe to whom the alias belongs. It’s none other than John Frusciante, former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist! Acid Test is the home of neo-acid kingpin Tin Man (one of our favourite artists), and it’s releases largely revolve around the use of the fabled 303. Frusciante began to get involved with programming and electronic machinery around 2007 and it soon became a fascination. A collab wth Venetian Snares as Speed Dealer Moms in 2010 was his first real involvement in electronic music releases but since then he has begun to thrive creating such pieces, and has allegedly even lost interest in regular songwriting. The Trickfinger LP certainly impressed us, here’s hoping that there is more stuff from JF/Trickfinger on the horizon.

RELEASE DATE: 06.04.15

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