Rick Wade – Tech Breeds EP – Holic Trax

“deep and soulful funk vibes”

Rick Wade has an uncanny ability to craft quality music, over a career spanning some twenty years the Detroit producer has consistently produced grooving tracks of beautifully deep proportions. His latest offering comes on London based Japanese DJ/Producer Tomoki Tamura’s Holic Trax label. The title track lives up to its name, raw techy bass, a sharp snapping snare and splashy hats provide a foot-stomping groove while simple chord stabs and high-pitched drones create a hypnotic haze.

Bongos and a thumping kick lead ‘Groovy’ before spacey atmospherics and a well-rounded soft squelchy bassline add a certain ominous presence to the track. The melody has a haunted edge to it as this mellow track meanders onwards; it is a real late night foot shuffler of a tune.

‘Whoa Children’ opens with a gospel like sample of a version of the Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’ before slipping into a smooth, shuffling funky groove. The pulsing bassline and soft organ like sounds combine perfectly with the occasional sax interlude and further vocal breaks. Truly deep and soulful funk vibes.

The final track is an edit of ‘Technological Lament’ by the label head honcho; Tamura has delivered a gently shuffling groove that swiftly turns mean and dark. A huge bassline chops through the drumbeat while assorted discordant clashes and drones back it up. This monstrous, relentless groove grinds onwards building in proportions until it peaks and slips back to where it began.

The whole release is astonishingly good from start to finish. Wade has managed to put out four tracks that are all based on and around slightly different genres but they meet each other and fit perfectly together with the warmth and depth of the music.


Out on vinyl 16th March

BYPete Edmonston

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