Q&A 019 – Lorenzo (Fly By Night Music)

"I just love spending hours digging inside record stores!"

Hi there, thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions for us…. First of all what’s the first thing that comes in to your mind when you hear the word ‘downstairs’?

Thank you for choosing me for the interview! Definitely a basement! Could also be the ground floor, it all depends from where you are :)… In Italian we say, ‘ci vediamo giù’ which means ‘I’ll see you downstairs’..

Talking more about your professional experience, you run the DO!! YOU!!! Record shop in London with NTS’ Charlie Bones. Who chooses the records for the shop between the two of you? Which has been the best gem you discovered so far there that made you saying “fuck it, I’ll have this”?

Basically the shop has been open for one year, but I’ve started to work there only about a month ago. Me and Charlie were already friends, I visited him on the radio as a guest and as a customer in the shop. He needed a hand to keep the shop open but couldn’t afford to pay someone to work full time…  Randomly around that time I has just left my previous job and had nothing to lose, so I decided to join him as a partner.

At the moment there are mostly Charlie’s records and some of his friend’s collection however I am slowly catching up with some friend’s label like SVS Records, Leng Records and 12 Records to name but a few and some second hand stuff I’ve just found. We are 50/50 now.

Answering your other question.. Well, we both choose the records, sometimes you have to catch the train to see a dealer and maybe one of us is busy so it’s totally up to us as an individual to choose what to get and what not.

If you ask me which records as the ‘Fuck it, I’ll have this’:

Azymuth – Fly Over The Horizon

Bob James – 12

Don’t forget that there is also the ‘Fuck it, you can have this or you need this!’:

Idris Muhammad ‎– Turn This Mutha Out

Slick – Space Bass (This hurt a bit)

Pieces Of A Dream – We Are One

If you had to choose between all the shops you visited in the world which one is the best and which one has let you down?

I would have to say that I can’t judge the best or worst. I can tell you those ones that impressed me the most and maybe the less..


If Music, London – Second-hand rarities in mint condition great selection of new stuff, but hey you need the cash!
Alan’s Record Shop, London – Very good place to spend a gray afternoon in town
Love Vinyl, London – Nice people working behind the counter, great selection.
Digelius Music, Helsinki – Amazing Jazz only record store!
Optimal, Munich – I spent quite a few hours in there
The Thing, NYC – Oh yeah you’ll get lost in there my friend!

… and of course Do!!You!!!Records don’t forget that I was a client before I become a partner!

Not impressed… I don’t really know guys! I just love spending hours digging inside record stores! Let’s put it down this way, I don’t really like grumpy record shops!

Any tips on How to treat a record store customer and any on how to treat the record store owners?

I’ve just started to know them really… I already started to recognise the sound that some of our ‘aficionados’ might have and I try to suggest them some new stuff we’ve got in. Also Do!! You!!! Records is a sociable open minded – open door policy record shop. You’ll never know what you’ll find. Everybody is welcome! How to treat us? Bring a beer after 7pm! Cheers!

Where do you personally get your records from?

Mostly physical record shops or classic mail-order like Juno, Vinyl Underground and Discogs. Popsike it’s also good for finding the value of a record.

Talking about music and your work, tell us about your favourite downstairs venue you’ve played / been to, whether in London or elsewhere. Why was it special?

Well, I guess this is a very common answer, Plastic People! Not only I was a regular client but also I worked there during the last six months of its life, behind the bar. Amazing experience. It was all about the music!

Die Registratur, Munich was another amazing venue but not a basement though. Shut down years ago but then reopened, I think somewhere else, but never been since then. I saw Sven Vath ages ago and that was pretty wild!

Brilliant Corners, even if is not a club and is ‘upstair’ is a great venue and you can get really down with the music in there, is where I throw my parties, next one will be on November 28, with Riccio and Charlie Bones I am also trying to bring Gino Grasso into town – this should hopefully be happening in early 2016.

What differences would you make to your set for a basement gig compared to an outdoor / terrace / festival one?

I guess when you put together a basement set you can play ‘harder’ tunes than the one you would play in a cocktail bar and maybe down there you focus more on the mixing aspect… But again what is the definition of ‘hard’? Is more ‘play the right track at the right time’, also perception of music is very important, maybe I can feel a Disco track like a banger in a certain moment or a Techno track in another. I think when you play in a club is very important to understand the people you have in front, then choose your way to go, easy to tell hard to do.

I think they key is understanding the situation you have in front of you no matter whether you are in a basement, in a pool party or at home and then take it from there and develop your selection.

Could you tell us about three of your most essential ‘downstairs’ tracks?

I think I am more like an ‘upstairs’ kinda DJ, anyway lets stick to the interview!

Moodymann – Don’t you want my love

John Tejada & Arian Leviste – Fashion Ave (John Tejada Remix)

Marcel Wave – 71 Aldie

The Dells – No Way Back (Ron Hardy Re-edit)

Your label, Fly By Night, is about to release Jori Hulkkonen’s latest record. What’s coming up on the label after?

I’ve got a project with Riccio but I can’t tell you more about it, because I don’t even know if it’s going to happen and when. Something by the duo NAS1 from my hometown Bologna and Various Artists including a track from myself, Mayo Soulomon, Riccio and Giovanni Damico.

I am intrigued to know. Riccio is one of the most eclectic producers on the scene, not only the Italian one. Who do you think is on the same level from the ‘bel paese’ and who would you want to release on Fly By Night?

Massimiliano Pagliara, I love his music but completely different stuff from Riccio, I think he is pretty special in his genre. Nas1 are coming up strong! Also my friend Alessandro Pasini aka Deep88: his music is awesome!

What is the most ‘Downstairs’ track you released so far?

Easy, FBNM008 Rheji Burrell – The Lost Nu Groove Tapes

Talking a little bit more about yourself, what’s the most unique or interesting experience you’ve ever had while below ground level?

First time I saw Tiger & Woods at Plastic People, really amazing. A few nights with Theo Parrish of course, lately also Gerd Janson blew my mind. Always been a fan of Running Back.

If you had a basement, what would you hide in it?

An empty pool where I can skate every day. No kids allowed.

Thank you again for your time!


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