Q&A 015 – Cari Lekebusch

"the next stage in that project is inter-dimensional travel..."

First of all, as we will be talking about ‘downstairs’, what’s the first thing that comes in to your mind when you hear that word?

Hehe, yes for me that would be going down into the basement to create a few new tracks. But also going downstairs could mean to have a proper look at something. To be able to determine if something will work or not. Get to the root of the problem perhaps even. In sexual lingo going downstairs is self explanatory of course haha!

Talking about music and your work, tell us about your favourite downstairs venue you’ve played / been to, whether in London or elsewhere. Why was it special?

Been to quite a few tightly packed basement venues for sure. And generally its always a more personal feeling compared to a large arena for example. In smaller venues or clubs you can get a good grip on the whole audience, rather than a few hundred at a time. So the synergy between audience and artist is much better. Personally, when i go out for entertainment, I would rather visit a smaller underground secret location anytime over a huge festival. But sometimes it’s lots of fun at a chaotic festival as well, no doubt.

What differences would you make to your set for a basement gig compared to an outdoor / terrace / festival one?

When I play in a bigger venue, the choice of tracks become more energetic and big sounding. Larger reverbs for example and more intensity. In a good club environment you can always experiment more, do twists, turns and surprises. On top of that you have much more fine tuning control over the music on a good club sound system. Worth mentioning that outdoor sound systems are very interesting in a way, since the sound doesn’t bounce back from other directions.

Do you get a different feeling whilst playing in such different venues?

Yes indeed. Like I mentioned above – but actually every venue is different. Not only because of the acoustics, but also because of the audience of course. That is what makes it special for me, but it’s also tricky when you have to adjust to at least 2 new clubs or venues every week, in several aspects.

Could you tell us about three of your most essential ‘downstairs’ tracks?

Foremost when I make techno tracks, they are designed for DJs and meant to be experienced at a party, rather than listened to at home or in the car. When working with my own tracks, I always play a minimum of 2 tracks at the same time, and during transit between sections of the mix there are at least 3. Sometimes I take the bass layer from one record, the mid from another, and the treble from a third. Sort of a live remixing on the go, while performing at parties. Consequently my tracks are very stripped down mostly, so there is room for at least another record on top of that (or under).

Talking a little bit more about yourself, what’s the most unique or interesting experience you’ve ever had while below ground level?

Good question! Leaves lots of room for interpretation hehe! Probably the most amazing thing I can think of would be a crystal cave. Experiencing the subway/underground tunnel system of Stockholm while painting graffiti is quite an amazing feeling also.

If you had a basement, what would you hide in it?

My secret laboratory of course! Which contains my teleportation device I’m about to build, so I don’t need to take long flights anymore :) The next stage in that project is inter-dimensional travel, obviously.

And finally something that involves your creativity. Draw anything that comes into your mind when you think about ‘downstairs’ – don’t worry, it could take you up to 1 minute!


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