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Q&A 014 – Sean Dixon

"I´m born and raised downstairs...."

Sean Dixon’s love for the electronic music scene took off when working for Rubadub records in Glasgow. After starting to produce his own works in 2012, a year later he started his own vinyl label Final Chapter. Assembling a stellar roster of artists for the label’s four releases to date including Palms Trax, John Barera and Perseus Traxx he is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future…

First of all, as we will be talking about ‘downstairs’, what’s the first thing that comes in to your mind when you hear that word?

Downstairs for me is a dark place, dirty, illegal, where everything and anything can happen, Hopefully in a good way.

Talking about music and your work, tell us about your favourite downstairs venue you’ve played / been to, whether in London or elsewhere. Why was it special?

Actually I wasn´t playing, I was young, maybe 18. It was in Gothenburg, and the entrance fee was around 10 Euro and included 4 x 50 cl beer. Some DJ was playing Faze Action´s track “Kariba”, not a classic downstairs maybe, but it triggered something! Everyone, I mean everyone, put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them, and people spontaneously shaped a snake, and started moving around the place in rhythm to the music. It was amazing.

What differences would you make to your set for a basement gig compared to an outdoor / terrace / festival one?

Normally no big differences in preparations, I always improvise my sets anyway. Sometimes maybe I have an idea to play bit darker in a basement than outdoors, but in the end it can quite often turn out the opposite way.

Do you get a different feeling whilst playing in such different venues?

Definitely, I´m born and raised downstairs, in the basement, and love it there. The tighter and sweatier the better.

Could you tell us about three of your most essential ‘downstairs’ tracks?

Oooof hard question!
So many tracks, so many great basement parties through the years. But here are three tracks I´d love to hear in a basement. Lights off, except from a strobe maybe, and smoke machine on.

Edwards & Armani – Acid Sex

Photek – Knitevision

Underground Resistance – Final Frontier


Talking a little bit more about yourself, what’s the most unique or interesting experience you’ve ever had while below ground level?

Answer will have to be the same as from earlier! Kariba! The human snake!

If you had a basement, what would you hide in it?

As many rotten politicians and greedy capitalists as possible. Then I´d lock the door and throw away the key.

And finally something that involves your creativity. Could you share an image, anything that comes into your mind when you think about ‘downstairs’?

I was travelling in Brazil and I took this picture…..


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