Q&A 011 – Lucretio

“I remember that when I stopped the music most of the people were lying wasted on the floor…. “


Our eleventh interview comes from 1/2 of Techno duo Analogue Cops’ Lucretio. The Italian producer is the founder of Machines State Polymers and Co-founder and full member of Restoration Records, Appointment, Parassela, Muscle Records with his partner Marieu. Based in Berlin he’s surely one of Italy’s best Techno Connoisseurs. We spent some time with him and he kindly answered our questions.

First of all, as we will be talking about ‘downstairs’, what’s the first thing that comes in to your mind when you hear that word?

Actually when I hear the word ‘downstairs’ I think about my grandparents’ house in Cadoneghe, not too far away from Venice where I have been living for 20 years and where I come back very often because my granma and my parents still live there. Downstairs there is the garage and a living room where I used to have my videogames and computers back in the 90s.
Now in the garage there is a little spot for the back stock of some of my vinyl releases.

Talking about music and your work, tell us about your favourite downstairs venue you’ve played / been to, whether in London or elsewhere. Why was it special?

Without any doubt it is the Tresor basement in Berlin. We play there often. It is dark, loud, and really underground. Too much for somebody… But it is one of the few places in the world where you can really play hard, fast techno.

What differences would you make to your set for a basement gig compared to an outdoor / terrace / festival one?

it depends… Some basements are great for distorted techno and others are great for house music. Parties with the daylight are great to play soulful and Latin influenced music.
But I like to play everything, everywhere.

Do you get a different feeling whilst playing in such different venues?

In smaller places you have a stronger connection with the crowd, while bigger audience may seem a little bit distant from the booth but really makes you feel powerful.

Could you tell us about three of your most essential ‘downstairs’ tracks?

Every single track of Ibrahim Alfa

Kerry Chandler – ‘The Invoice’

Galaxy 2 Galaxy – ‘Afro’s, Arps And Minimoogs’


Talking a little bit more about yourself, what’s the most unique or interesting experience you’ve ever had while below ground level?

I remember when I was 20 and we dropped a very loud party in the basement of a friend of mine in my home town. His parents were on holiday and I was playing almost 10 hours. You could hear us in all the neighbourhood and I remember that when I stopped the music most of the people were lying wasted on the floor.

If you had a basement, what would you hide in it?

If I would have a basement I would probably put my studio there…

And finally something that involves your creativity. Could you draw anything that comes into your mind when you think about ‘downstairs’?

There you go……