Perseus Traxx – ‘The Magic Garden’ – Titanic City

"50 horses running in a wooden floored warehouse"

Downstairs Collective’s favourite Perseus Traxx has done it again. Whenever Nigel gets his hand onto his drum machines and synths, bloody hell the magic happens. Here he drops another outstanding EP on Belfast’s Titanic City. ‘The Magic Garden EP’ opens with ‘Nymphs Of The North’ in which snares and rims roll like 50 horses running in a wooden floored warehouse carried by the powerful Tom grooves underneath. Following is the on point acid ‘Gaia Diamond’s Blade’ which sent me west, in a coffee shop, at 9 in the morning.

It gets deeper and darker with ‘Thoughts’. Although because of the cavernous relentless and distorted bassline I wasn’t really thinking much. Mostly I was shaking my head while writing this review. Closing the 4 tracker is ‘Tension’. I thought that the title perfectly represented the juxtaposition between the destructive acid bass-line and the dreamy soulful pad melodies, which felt like If they were fighting against each other and at the same time working together magically.


BY Filippo Rocco
LINKSTitanic City