Paul Johnson & Oli Furness ‘Tribute EP’ – Music Is Love Records

“Pure freaking jacking Chicago House.”

We previously talked about Manchester’s Music Is Love when they delivered that sweet Mr. KS EP. Now they are back with a tribute EP dedicated to Dance Mania’s contributor Paul Johnson and backed up with two original new tracks by label head Oli Furness. The EP sees the repress of two tracks by the US legend, considered by the Mancunian imprint as two of his best. Pure freaking, jacking Chicago House. Stomping, relentless, fast; true club killers. On the flipside Oli Furness produces two homages to the American producer. In “Gurl” he puts together a distorted drum machine, sampled vocal loops and toms that play the part of the bass. It delivers a rolling cut which mixes the sound of the first Dance Mania releases with elements of the current UK sound. B2 is “Nightclub”, Acid bass line merged with 909 hat grooves waiting for a storm of snares to kick in during the drop creating a powerful build up for the drop. Carnage.


OUT soon..

BYFilippo Rocco

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