Oma Nata – Baiana EP

"beautifully tropical flavour"

Forbidden Cuts is a new sub-label of Discotexas in Lisbon. Growing from the city’s multicultural history they have a strict club-music policy but with inspiration from Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Oma Nata steps up for their and his first release, a Portuguese kid living in Hamburg he has effortlessly combined elements from Latin and West African Jazz to create this soulful and danceable EP.

“Baiana” kicks things off with a breathily haunting flute loop and pounding drum patterns, combining elements of Afro-Brazilian music with ease to produce a late night killer of a track. “El Seguidor” is a delightfully deep and delicate fusion of South American percussion rhythms and contemporary House music. Looping around and about itself with light chord stabs on a piano to create a track that you would struggle not to dance to. “Sozinho” brings the samba sounds of Rio onto the dancefloor over a popping bass drum. It starts as a track sparse in elements but rich in flavour before soaring trumpet riffs and looped vocals add a beautifully tropical flavour.

BY Pete Edmonston