Bruce – ‘Not Stochastic EP’ – Hessle Audio

“raw, sparse music with a shamanistic feel”

The first release from Hessle Audio in nearly a year comes from relative newcomer Bruce; with an EP out in September on Livity Sound’s sister label dnuoS ytiviL he is readily making waves with his fresh stripped back approach to techno. With support already from Gilles Peterson, Joy Orbison and Benji B we can only hope for more great things in the future from this low-profile producer.

The title track dives straight in with an off kilter, broken, relentlessly looped beat woven over a haze of soft percussive sounds whilst the chugging, squelchy bass drives the whole thing forward. Hardly changing as it fades in and out of sections the echoes and delay adds a real dark psychedelic edge that with every listening reveals more and more layers to the complex rhythms.

“Trip” leads with raw tribal percussion patterns in a smooth groove; this is truly raw, sparse music with only the occasional sweep and piercing stabs breaking up the beat. There is an almost shamanistic feel to it that despite the emptiness of the music leaves you feeling remarkably fulfilled. Final track “My Legs Wouldn’t Go Quick Enough” is the stand out track on an unbelievable EP. Reminiscent of some of Drexciya’s work with its spacey synth drones, sharp tight hi-hats and heavily distorted snaps and claps this is a song not to be missed on a must have release.


12″ vinyl / digital download: Release date 27/10/14

BYPete Edmonston