Mr. Fingers – Mr. Fingers EP 2016 – Alleviated Records

"Mr. Heard’s symbiosis with dreamy atmospheres..."

Mr. Fingers is back. Larry Heard has dropped another outstanding EP, this time using his sleeping moniker which has had so many people dancing in the past. ‘Mr. Fingers 2016’ is out on Alleviate Records via Clone and it is another masterpiece. King Midas! The four cuts are as modern as they can be, but they showcase Mr. Heard’s symbiosis with dreamy atmospheres… ‘Outer Acid’ and ‘Qwazars’ are marvellous, slow hypnotic tracks, the first one driven by a raw analogue 303 line, the second one by a 3-dimensional pad melody. On the flip side he lets his grooves go wild. First with ‘Nodyahed’ in which sampled percussion is merged with obscure melodic lines, then with ‘Aether’ a fantastic dubby, filtered straight cut filled in with mind tripping power. Mr. Fingers’ return is as good as expected and we are sure you will be hearing these tracks a lot in the near future. Especially in some ‘escape – reality’ after party sessions…

BY Pete Edmonston
LINKSMr Fingers