Wake Up! #005 – Move D / Benjamin Brunn ‘East to West’ – Wake Up! Records

“dirtily deep, lightly acid-infused house”

Move D and Benjamin Brunn have teamed up again for the fifth release on Berlin label Wake Up! Records, the pair have had made several EPs and an album together over the years and it is great to see them back at it again.

Move D is first up with the hypnotic ‘Эрмитаж’, which apparently translates as ‘Hermitage’. The low-slung drum groove and soft squelching bass are cut through with light, long, drawn out drones. A mystical haze surrounds the whole thing as it meanders gently onwards. The second offering is ‘Eastman’ a much more up-tempo groove with rattling percussion sounds and a funky beat under light chord patterns. The off-beat bassline and splashy hats make it feel almost garage-like but when the chords drop away in the breakdown, the underlying groove is seen to be something a little more tribal.

‘Da Hulk’ from Brunn goes in at the deep end, keeping it simple to start with a large and deep bassline over a lone snare. Wobbling chords and preaching vocals precede slight layer after layer being added. The contrast between the bottom heavy squelchy bass and the light top lines works beautifully to continue Move D’s spacey, hypnotic feel from before. This is picked up again in ‘For D k’ but in a much deeper, darker form. The shuffling rhythms and relentless bassline join with strange stabs and effects to create a form of dirtily deep, lightly acid-infused house it is quality stuff.

All that can be said is, fingers crossed these two keep working together and putting out music of this outstanding and intriguing quality.


OUT on Monday 18th May

BYPete Edmonston

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