Downstairs Exclusive Premiere – Momomo ‘Dard D’art EP’ – Third Ear Recordings

“foreboding industrial edge that murmurs away in the background”

Bordeaux resident Morgan Garralion has always had an interest in many forms of music, from classical to jazz and minimalism. His discovery of electronic music and in particular ambient and industrial techno his has led him to create his own unique blend of spacey, brutally raw music.

‘Golden Vagina’ ticks all his boxes; an ambient haze and lightly plucked string sounds are undercut by a menacing, foreboding industrial edge that murmurs away in the background. The whole thing crescendos gradually until a shuffling, pulsing bassline kicks in. The whole thing thunders onwards peeling back layer after layer keeping you entranced whilst never losing the ambience of the start. A filthy track that you would not want to be any other way.

‘Meltin Potes’ feat Ymogen goes in at the deep end with four to the floor kicks, soft piano chords and wobbling bass notes. Momomo has moved effortlessly through sections here, weaving and reweaving the same elements over and over to create a hypnotic feeling without sounding repetitive or overused. A real understated beaut of a tune you could groove to all night.

‘Ca Lest Sucre’ takes things deeper and darker still with deep distorted drones and discordant wobbles and snaps. It is a really heady, cerebral one that burns away quietly and inescapably. Industrial warehouse techno of the highest order.


BYPete Edmonston

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