Minor Science – Whities 004

"in the morning will send people on a journey..."

Tasker and his Whities have released just four records, but they have been enough to create an expectation for quality music from them. Their latest release, dated May 17 sees Minor Science offering a spectacular two track EP, forged in a brainy hypnotic atmosphere. One of which when played early in the morning will send people on a journey far away. It opens with (funnily enough) ‘Closing Act’, a deep relentless straight kick drives the side into a weird dimension. Followed by a sweet bass melody and constant changes within the rest of the drums. A lot of programming you can tell, but never too heavy or boring. The B-side is an incredibly weird broken beat track, guided by distorted synth noises and recorded distorted vocal loops. It feels almost like it is an emptied Boddika track, in which the dark atmospheres have been kept without the harder sounding drums, with the unexpected and driving groove that will keep the dance floor rocking.


BY Filippo Rocco