Sonofdistanearth – Parachute EP

“had me glued to my chair”

The first time I heard a Lobster Theremin release I was working in the office, lost in some music research when I stumbled across Palm Trax’s ‘Equation’. Driven by the relentless groove and low-fi synth melodies I could not prevent myself from dancing. Since then I have religiously followed their output and extremely entertaining social media profiles. Then today in a grey computer room somewhere in London, I found myself once again dancing to their latest offering. ‘Parachute EP’ by the unknown producer sonofdistantearth blew my mind. The three tracker is a solid record which fuses Dub and Detroit Techno into a miscellany of stripped down raw Music. The melancholic chords of ‘Idyll’ are hypnotic and the dry ‘in your face’ groove of Koan had me glued to my chair. The one for me though is the opener ‘GAZA2’, which leads with a relatively simple rhythmical pattern until the arrival of an extremely catchy synth melody: an almost epic trumpet dredges up memories of dark rooms with pounding sound systems and extremely happy faces around me. Spot on.


12″ vinyl : Release date 12/11/14


BYFilippo Rocco
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