Legowelt ‘Immensity of Cosmic Space EP’ – Unknown To The Unknown

“lost at night in the jungle and feeling extremely paranoid”

UTTU, DJ Haus’ imprint, has always been putting out extremely forward thinking music from the likes of Murlo, Mumdance, Photonz, DJ Q, Willie Burns and Luca Lozano. Dutch maestro Legowelt’s latest EP, out in March on the label is another one of those impressive releases and follows his extremely wide back catalogue of cool electronic music. Yes, cool.
The whole of ‘Immensity of Cosmic Space EP’ is full of old school Breaks – Hardcore Jungle samples that makes the EP sound like a great fusion between old R&S and Metroplex records, all melted upon a tape sounding membrane.

The opening track mixes Break Beats with Techno, driven by a warm sub and percussive synth melodies, that keep changing keys along the track structure, mixed with spooky Yamaha DX 7 sounding bells. It’s like being in a Horror movie. Lost at night in the jungle and feeling extremely paranoid. The second track ‘Lumeria’ is a slow intense little journey, a real mind-fucker. Broken beats cut in and hypnotic pads are merged with more repetitive spooky leads. The third cut of the EP, ‘Palms Trees In The Rain’ is a relentless Techno banger, almost an Underground Resistance tribute. A perfect combination of straight 4/4 kick groove, acidy bass line, driving rim loops, sampled vocals and raw open hats. Truly in your face. ‘Phases’, the last track, is a great mixture of House and Techno references: a moody emotional piano guides the track while sampled female vocals softly appear alongside unstoppable percussion. Everything happens quickly until a synthesized lead solo kicks and transports the listener into another dimension. I guess that was Legowelt’s intention?


Out on vinyl March 2015