JTC & Capracara – ‘Bubble N Squeak / Reggie, Don’t Panic’ – One Day Wonder

" a futuristic industrial atmosphere..."

Rolling grooves, distorted synths, psychedelic melodies…. There is a bit of everything in JTC & Capracara’s latest EP on Jonathan Burnip’s (Capracara) One Day Wonder imprint. After being released by the likes of DFA, Unknown To The Unknown and Comème, the producer, this time partnering with Tadd Mullinix aka JTC, has now delivered another outstanding two tracker. Both the tracks ‘Bubble N Squeak’ and ‘Reggie, Don’t Panic’ are dancefloor killers and fillers. The first one is an explosive mixture of straight House grooves and ‘in your face’ noises; a peak time track which touches so many genres in one that it is very hard to describe. My favourite though is ‘Reggie, Don’t Panic’. Its broken beat is merged with a compressed and distorted electro soul and even though it’s almost 10 minutes long, it never bothers you. Raw synth melodies keep appearing and disappearing until the main lead synth-line kicks in, driving the listener into a futuristic industrial atmosphere, just before a soulful pad opens a completely unexpected dimension to the cut. Chilled? Not Chilled? I find it hard to decide. It surely has been on repeat since the first time I heard it.

This bad boy is out soon – pre order it here.

BY Filippo
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