Joey Anderson – Heads Down Arms Buddha Position EP

“deep, dark, psychedelically tinged techno”

The New Jersey based head of Inimeg Recordings has followed up his debut album ‘After Forever’ with the release of a three-track EP on TANSTFAAFL Planets. He has taken a step away from his slightly more ambient sounds of before but it is still clearly his own particular brand of true deep, dark, psychedelically tinged techno. Opening with the title track and its crackling percussion and softly building bass drums it quickly rips into some real stabbing, squelchy synth lines all the while driving onwards.

‘Tears Can’t Bring You Near’ is equally as deep if a little smoother, with its gently splashing cymbals, thumping kick drums and heavy top line at odds to the ethereal swooping and soaring of the synths. The contrast creates a melancholic mood despite the undeniable foot stomping attitude of the groove. The final track ‘You Gave Me Life Again’ is led by a laid back drum pattern and tight hi-hat sections, gradually building layers over the top until the main piano line kicks in. Anderson’s ability to weave seemingly unconnected sections is best showcased here, as one fades out another is slowly building in the background, keeping the track fluid and dynamic. Overall this is a truly masterful piece of work that is not to be missed



BYPete Edmonston