Gnork – ‘CCCRAW.4′ – Crow Castle Cuts

"Deep and elegant house from one of Hungary’s best"

Llangollen’s Crow Castle Cuts crew invited Budapest’s Gnork to produce the fourth and final record in their line of Cccraw releases. With three original tracks, a remix and two “toolz” (one of which is a spacey vocal in a locked groove) all crammed onto two sides of delightful transparent red vinyl. This limited edition white label release lives up to its hype of being “raw like sushi”.

‘Unreal’ kicks off straight away with a thumping beat and trippy arpeggios on the synth taking you on an ethereal journey. It is a relentless, irresistible track and the bottom heavy toms keep it driving through. ‘Larm’ is haunting and ominous, tight and crisp hats are laid over an echoing bass before a light haze of pads provides a top line. It is beautiful in its simplicity, as it moves forward you feel like you are heading to a destination that you never quite make. ‘Transylvanian Night Drive’ is a real pumper, with synths gently fading in and out over a gradually evolving groove. It is the kind of track you want to hear being flung about outdoors as the sun goes down.

Gnork has called his edit of Blind Jacks Journey regular Subjecktive’s ‘No Cursing’ a re-dream, and with its eerie vocals looping over a deep beat and more of the releases signature spacey pads and synths. ‘Rawtoolz 1’ is the high arpeggios from this edit while ‘Rawtoolz 2’ is the vocal loop put down in a locked groove.

Deep and elegant house from one of Hungary’s best, this release is not to be missed



BY Pete Edmonston