Gathaspar – ‘Vaporizer EP’P

“un-ordinary melodic lines and distorted groove”

When I saw for the first time that Alessio Mereu’s Amam imprint has released a package which includes his own remix and ones by Workshop’s Lowtec and Osgut Ton’s Tobias I wanted to know what it is all about.

Well, I know Alessio because he was part of the new generation of Italian producers when I started to get into electronic music. His label has always been there at the forefront, fighting for the recognition it deserves since its inception. Gathaspar’s ‘Vaporizer EP’ includes two original tracks from the Polish producer, both extremely diverse clever journeys.

The title track with its dark industrial atmosphere and ‘Ocelot29’ which mixes such melancholic but catchy vocals with monstrous drum machines loops. I personally thought that Lowtec’s mix of ‘Ocelot29’ with its un-ordinary melodic lines and distorted groove didn’t really needed Gathaspar’s vocals on it, as the intricate patterns already definitely made it the most diverse and unique of the five cuts. Tobias with a simple 909 and dub chords reveals a more techno soul side of the title track, which Alessio Mereu brings to a more direct dance-floor oriented cut with his ‘Blue Interpretation’.


RELEASE DATE 1st December 2014

BYFilippo Rocco

LINKSAmam Records