A5 – ‘Fields & Forests 2′ – Fields & Forests

“natural noises, tribal vocal samples, synths, drum machines…”


I normally have a predisposition to be attracted by record labels that cleverly use their name and artwork to create a particular mystical aura around their project. Then I hope that the music they release will somehow re-produce what the images and words are trying to portray. Randomly however, I recently found out about the existence of Fields & Forest, an extremely mysterious record label from Split, Croatia and their second forthcoming record, from A5. When I did I knew I had finally found what I had been looking for. As the mind behind Udacha and having previously released some enormous records on Rawax and Apparel Music, A5 has delivered four tracks which transported me in the middle of some crazy Aldous Huxley jungle scenario. Using natural noises, tribal vocal samples, synths, drum machines and everything else each of the tracks generates a peculiar imagery. From the ambient ‘Fantasy’ and the stomping and dry free-jazz of ‘Raw Abstracionism’, to the funky club friendly ‘Torri Wowo’ and finally the ethereal ‘Acoustic Cut’ which made my mind journey, finishing in peace walking the street on an early morning.


12″ vinyl : Release date 03/11/14

BYFilippo Rocco
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