EHE003 – Chocky & Tilman EP – Ears Have Eyes Records

"five tracks and five styles complementing each other perfectly"

Peckham based label Ears have Eyes have brought together two artists and friends of the label Tilman and Chocky for their third release. A record jam packed full of treats that swings wildly left and right through genres and style with free abandon and in perfect fashion.

Chocky steps up first with two beautiful cuts. ‘Tool Time’ is a mesmerising, piano house slow burner, with its softly splashing cymbals evoking images of waves gently lapping and rolling pebbles on the shore. ‘Ooo’ is more groove orientated dub-house but the delicate spacey sounds that warble in the background maintain the ethereally chilled and downtempo aura of the opener.

Tilman’s first offering is ‘Sculptures’ an acidy techno track that cuts through a haze of fuzz. Bizarrely it complements the first two tracks perfectly, taking that seashore feel and throwing a storm at it. ‘The Way You Do’ is a groovy disco cut that funks things up with snappy snares and vocal samples that dissolve in and out, teasing the edge of your hearing. Finally ‘Root Segments’ rounds things off, a straight deep house banger that purrs away gently.

With five tracks and five styles brought together in this manner it could have been a shambles. However thanks to the careful curation by the guys at Ears Have Eyes they have selected artists and tracks whose sounds complement each other perfectly. It is infinitely more interesting to hear records of this style rather than three or four versions of the same track as some labels are wont to do these days.

Out on vinyl 23.11 and digital shortly after.

BY Pete Edmonston
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