Drumtalk ‘Drumtalk EP’ – Huntleys + Palmers

“a range of completely different emotions”

Once again I was sitting at the computer trying to find more music to write about. I actually heard one of the tracks from Drumtalk’s latest EP a week or two ago and I remember enjoying it and playing it couple of time on loop. I am now sitting in front of my screen drowning in a range of completely different emotions brought on by the sublime four tracks that comprise his latest work for Huntleys + Palmers. The label has launched people like Auntie Flo and had on board nothing less than Daphni, Actress, Matias Aguayo, James Holden, Veronica Vasicka, Oni Ayhun, Silver Apples, Levon Vincent, Rebolledo… It is like the Maradona of electronic music and yet a label that flys under the radar – a true music connoisseurs’ infinite source of party tricks.

The Drumtalk EP does it for me because of the spectacular ability of the producer to merge elements in the right way. He fuses real Detroit inspired Techno to current electronica making ‘Halo’ sound as if Los Hermanos were all born in 1990. He takes Levon Vincent and SBTRKT and blends them into ‘Everything’ adding a little bit of Techno here, a little bit of Broken Beat there. A recipe for damage. He takes us with ‘Euphonia’ to the darkest raves in Germany whilst topping it up with a little bit of a tribal edge alongside a little bit of a Psychedelic – New Age infused atmosphere. He generates a perfect club killer Talabot style, with ‘Ishtar’ and makes me feel wide awake yet still dreaming.

He has done all of this with four tracks. Chapeu.



BYFilippo Rocco