Downstairs Exclusive Premiere: Andrade ‘Audio Montage (NAIL Remix) – Innercircle

“the sparse undercurrents of sound are so light you could lose yourself in them”

Parisian producer Andrade has a string of tight releases under his belt over the last few years from big name labels such as Dessous, Pokerflat and 20:20 Vision. Now in 2015 he has his debut release with Innercircle, the sister label to Illusion recordings. ‘The Alchemist EP’ features three dreamy deep house cuts and a remix from 89:Ghost head Nail.

‘Audio Montage’ has a simple, funky hook that sets the tone for this summery release. Blissful pads and strange vocal cuts weave in and out of each other as the groove builds steadly. Nail’s remix takes the dreamworld of the original and roughs it up, creating a much more stomping and raw version. The shuffling hats make the beat feel more aggressive and driving, while the sparse undercurrents of sound are so light you could lose yourself in them.

‘Promise’ has even stranger vocal samples over the top of rapid rises and falls on the synth taking you straight back to the dreamy and hypnotic aura of before. The breakdowns are trippy, with epic chords and runs up and down the keys before the whole thing falls subtly back into the main groove. ‘Bad Things’ has a thumping yet understated beat that breeds a soulful deep house track perfect for the late hours. The sharp claps and open hats provide contrast to the minimal synth work that murmurs away in the back ground.

Top stuff, beautiful deep house and perfect for the coming summer.


BYPete Edmonston