Downstairs Collective – Launch Party at Juno

"A unique aural and visual representation of London"

The “Downstairs” project was born in London in March 2014. Formed from a collective of international minds we are aiming to combine different media to create a unique aural and visual representation of London’s urban contest. In the busy world of “social gatherings” we will provide different experiences both live and online.

We aim to provide you with a map of the alternative options that lie in wait for all those that are willing to scratch beneath the surface, collecting experiences from our team and from members of the international music scene.

On the 7th of November at Juno on Shoreditch High Street our boys Hono and Waves Matter alongside a bunch of guests and friends will provide music for a free entry night where you’ll be able to discover what Downstairs Collective it’s going to be about.


BY Downstairs