Downstairs Exclusive Premiere – Cuisine Dub ‘A3 – Bagatela’ – Fields & Forests

"a Jazz inspired collection of tracks"

One of our favourite labels Fields & Forests gave us the big chance to premiere one of the tracks from label head Cuisine Dub’s ‘Fatureta EP’. The Croatian artist presented the EP live in Spalato last week. During the event he gave away free vouchers for his fans to grab the record from Juno… What a gent…

Now, talking about the EP, ‘Fatureta’ means ‘part – time job’ in Dalmatian.. This could mean that the House producer has created this Jazz inspired collection of tracks while taking some time off from his normal producer activities. But wow. He did it well.

We have the chance to premiere one of the five tracks, all of whose names are taken from the Dalmatian dialect. We have chosen ‘Bagatela’. the artist itself described this as “The tracks that stands out from the rest of the record. It has a powerful organ solo followed by rhodes bass piano and congas. It reminds a bit of the work of Italian jazz maestro Piero Umiliani.”

Jazz, electronica, experimentation, this is what we love about Fields & Forests and we’re proud to present you this magnificent record. Enjoy.

BY Filippo Rocco
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