Downstairs Full Stream Premiere – Dangerous Liaisons ‘Dangerous Acid’ – Bonus Round Records

“This is in your face music”

Dangerous Liaisons has hit the nail squarely on the head with his EP out on Bonus Round Records, the four-tracker is brimming with future space sounds blending readily with classic grooves and feels. To use his own words “More future-retro beamed from yesterday and into tomorrow.”

Downstairs is proud to present in full the preview of “Dangerous Acid”, it is raw, harsh, brutal and more than lives up to its name. Sharp claps and hats cut through the wobbling top lines as they flow back and forth. This is in your face music that still manages to retain its sense of direction and keep you moving.

The title track has seesawing and droning strings over a choppy snare pattern that takes you on a journey ever upwards. “Latin Rhapsody” opens with splashy hats before an off-kilter techno bass line kicks, the chord patterns grab you by the ears and drag you off before salsa inspired percussion cuts in. “Silent Winter” has old school Casio sounding chords, with very minimal drum work. It is a real slow groover of a tune that has a hauntingly soulful edge to it.



BYPete Edmonston

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