The Cyclist ‘Hot House EP’ – Music Is For Losers

"Straight to the heart"

The Cyclist is slowing building a great reputation releasing forward thinking House and Techno. In his productions he merges so many genres it would be hard to list them all. You would be better off listening to his latest ‘Hot House EP’ on UK based Music Is For Losers in order to understand. Starting off with ‘Heart Of Stone’ in which Dancehall style vocals are clinically glued on a straight 4/4 groove. Or ‘Hot House’ which fuses ethnic sounding voices with filtered analogue drums and a moody distorted piano melody. Straight to the heart. ‘Aurora’ kicks off with a magnificent percussion journey followed by old school House chords all blended into a really rough sounding membrane, help by the fact it is tape recorded. On the flipside ‘Upwards Spiral’ is driven by a downtempo beat merged with a crescendo of sampled strings and a futuristic raw bass – a timeless, ending track. ‘Spiral Onwards’ is a Boards Of Canada sounding track: no beats but an hypnotic psychedelic synth trip which projects you into a mystical dimension. Last track of the EP is ‘Higher Volumes’ in which Cyclist’s trademark is once again perfectly clear: sampled vocals and emotional melodies are fused in this broken beat cut, one of those that you can easily hear being dropped by the Hessle Audio guys in one of their always special sets.

Get lost in it.


BY Filippo Rocco
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