Downstairs Exclusive Premiere – Rosenhaft – ‘Unplugged Vibez (Kindimmer Zen remix)’ – Axe on Wax

” a somewhat dreamy, late night deep house groove that gently rises and falls….”

Axe on Wax is renowned for producing chunky, straight up house music and their latest offering is no exception. This four-tracker features originals from Cera Alba and Rosenhaft with Oli Furness and Kinidimmer on remix duties.

First up is ‘Jux’ from Cera Alba, opening with a low slung bassline and smooth soaring pads there is an undeniably deep and funky edge to this track but it also has real depth which is shown when industrial style clashes begin laying over the top. The whole effect is a somewhat dreamy, late night deep house groove that gently rises and falls through its sequences. With his remix, Oli Furness has lost some of the dreamlike vibes in favour of a driving, four-to-the-floor intro but soon the familiar pads are back. The whole thing alludes to some garage roots with the bassline taken up a notch and tight offbeat hi-hats.

Rosenhaft brings us ‘Unplugged Vibes’; this straight old school deep house groove is no nonsense yet manages to keep the listener hooked with the slight changes to the beat and bass. Kindimmer’s remix is the stand out track for me; it keeps the feel of the original and taking it to completely new, spacier level. Light triplets on the hats and a high-pitched drone contrast a slick groove while liquid sounds and distant woodblocks pitter-patter gently in and out.


Out now on vinyl – BUY THE EP HERE

BYPete Edmonston