Cate – ‘Heavy Breathing EP’ – Doge Records

"what is making vinyl buyers going mad every week..."

Doge Records is soon to drop their second release from the mysterious artist Cate. What we have here is an EP which extremely well represents the up and coming new House music aesthetic. An incarnation of a movement slowly spreading over the past 2 years. Call it Filtered-House, call it whatever you want, this is what is making vinyl buyers going mad every week. And DJs making crowds go even more mad every week.

Deep and ho-ho-hot bass-lines, rough but really well produced drums grooves, hypnotic and melancholic pad melodies, hats programmed in a way which even Robert Hood would be proud of, a philosophy (you can tell) and a strong expressive way behind the melodies. Don’t expect anything less than exactly what you would like to hear from a collection of 4/4 floor killers.


BY Filippo Rocco
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