Cari Lekebusch – ‘The Rainbow Series’ – H-Productions

"clanging cymbals and strange chirps"

Swedish producer Cari Lekebusch has established himself as a true electronic heavyweight over the last twenty years, with a string of successful releases on labels such as Drumcode, Truesoul and his own H. Productions. He along with long term collaborator and fellow Swede Adam Beyer have been at the forefront of pushing the Swedish Techno sound to the levels of today.

‘The Rainbow Series’ will be released as a range of coloured 12″s on H-Productions (the plan is to follow the full colour spectrum from red through to pink) with the first two singles, ‘Return to Base’ & ‘Funkhaos’ coming July and September 2015. All the tracks have been recorded live using mainly analogue studio equipment and represent the deep, dirty and minimalistic sound we have come to love over the years.

‘Return to Base 1’ is built around well rounded kicks with tight, sharp hats with cranked up reverb. It creates an industrial feel but in a very understated style while simple additions to the groove keep the whole thing thundering onwards. ‘Return to Base 2’ is based around the same core as part 1 but takes a totally different approach, strange vocal clips and hissing sweeps add an extra layer while the groove itself has a funkier, driving edge to it. Both versions are an excellent showcase of Lekebusch’s talent and given that they are live cuts just makes them all the more impressive.

‘Funkhaos 1’ starts simple with just a raw kick and snare, a drone like sound builds steadily in the background to create an impression of impending chaos. When the main beat actually kicks in though it is beautiful in the sparse simplicity. With a few elements and the addition of only a few more an irresistible late night foot shuffler has been born. ‘Funkhaos 2’ begins in a similar vein, the kicks are old school and with the clanging cymbals and strange chirps the track takes on an acidy almost tribal feel. Once the synth kicks in the acid feel is complete, strange rattling squelches evidence the live analogue production. Another quality piece of work.

The way each side of each single references and reflects elements of each other is an interesting and exciting concept that allows us to see how different approaches with similar ideas can create similar and yet totally different sounding tracks. There is another six or so release to come in the series and we here at Downstairs are excited to see the next progressions of this concept!

Return to Base was released in July

Funkhaos is out now, grab a copy and listen here

BY Pete Edmonston
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