Bobby Draino & D. Tiffany – Arctic Travel

"rawly poetical after hours cut"

One of our favourite Canadian labels, Normals Welcome is about to drop a wonderful three track EP which seems like it has risen up from the depths of the sea… Liquid, marine, blue all of these colours and feelings surrounds ‘Arctic Travel’ by Bobby Draino and D. Tiffany. The label has recently put out music from Australian Dan White and 1080p’s new signing Khotin. To follow up the record they present this emotionally full collaborative/split EP. The producers, both coming from Vancouver’s underground scene, join forces on the title track – a perfectly crafted, raw 4/4 hypnotic cut driven by its distorted bassline and merged with paranoid pads. Bobby Draino (also on 1080p) delivers the heart breaking ‘Another Vibe’, my favourite track of the three. The acidy bass is hidden beneath a wonderful crescendo of synth melodies, each of them telling a different story. D. Tiffany’s ‘Green T’ is a rawly poetical after hours cut, it goes straight to your brain. Watch out for more music coming out of the Canadian label. Cold and Warm at the same time.

BY Filippo Rocco
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