Benjamin Brunn – Drop – Kimochi Sounds

"abstract, melody driven music"

Benjamin Brunn has ventured into the new age end of the minimal techno spectrum with his latest album on M50’s Chicago based Kimochi Sounds. Sticking to his hardware roots, an epic soundscape has been sculpted across the ten tracks. From the heavily ambient ‘On A Return’ to the darkly ominous groove of ‘On Repeat’ he has stepped away from the traditional, beat driven realms more readily associated with his sound to explore abstract, melody driven music.

Particular standouts include the wavy, oscillating sweeps of ‘Like The Course Of A Conversation’; as they rise and fall you find yourself becoming more and more lost in their hypnotically delicate changes. ‘Lying Flat Looking Up’ with its simple arpeggios over the deep bassy bonging are lost in a haze of liquid gurgles and light chirping twitters.

The whole album is a beautifully crafted testament to Brunn’s ability to tell stories with even the simplest of sounds; and the thoughtfully titled tracks each convey a sense of their concept and identity. The result is a laid back and chilled volume of work that has serious depth to it, definitely one for the heads…

BY Pete Edmonston
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