ANTENNA – Antenna EP – Chronocircle

“If you were to debut in a great way I think you just did it”

Hey Chronocircle Imprint. If you were to debut in a great way I think you just did it. Antenna’s EP is a powerful combination of four distorted, rough and raw acid-techno tracks which immediately get under your skin and give you shivers. The EP opens with downtempo-electro inspired ‘Dance On Ruins’ – a cheeky sampled vocal repeats “Dance” while a constant movement of the LFO creates an irresistible old school atmosphere. Taking you back to the early 90s with some really coloured gears on. Not that right now much is different… “Conform” follows the same idea of the first track, with the title repeated in a pitched down vocal sample and a straight 4/4 groove driven by a truly acidy bassline. “Antenna Resort” sounds like Paranoid London on an angry and productive day: hypnotic 808 grooves are merged with rhythmical sounding synths and Antenna’s perfect knowledge of the bass -line machine. Boom. Just to top the release up Legowelt’s delivers a freaking psychedelic remix of “Dance On Ruins” in which his melodic aesthetic is once again showcased in the use of raw distorted lead synths and rumbling 303 bass. Acid. Acid.


OUT soon..

BYFilippo Rocco