A1 Bassline’s ‘Without Time EP’ – FINA White

“ululating tribal trills and soft woodwind “

FINA White has been described as the ‘angry little brother’ of its parent label FINA Records, setting out to exclusively produce raw, stripped back house and techno. Their first record comes from Brightonian A1 Bassline who has had successful releases on big name labels such as Dirtybird and Man Make Music. However it was releases on his own label, Source Unknown, where he puts out his more techno-orientated work, which FINA felt would fit in with the musical ethos they are aiming for.

‘Bad Timing’ gets things off with a bang, a real stomper of a track with punchy, bottom heavy kicks and a deep dark bassline giving it a real industrial edge. On the surface this is driving techno, however, ululating tribal trills and soft woodwind like sounds skilfully counter this by cutting through to add an eerie extra depth to the song.

‘Without Time’ has a funkier almost junglist edge but the groove has a bite to it and really gets under your skin. Opening with some sharp, tight, bassy percussion then adding soft synth layers and slight, chopped up vocal samples before acidy squelches and splashy hats join. Nail is on remix duties for ‘Without Time’ and the whole beat has been softened somewhat. The cymbals have become more bell like and the previously in your face bass and drums have been smoothed over into a more regular pumping underground house sound.

It is an absolute blinder of a release and if this is the sort of musical direction and quality production we can expect from FINA White then they are definitely one to watch out for in the future.


A1 Bassline’s ‘Without Time EP’ is out on FINA White: Vinyl 19/01/14.

Pre-order on Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/a1-bassline-bad-timing-ep/548735-01/

Digital 26/01/14.

BYPete Edmonston

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